Definition: An alias used to protect ones information or identity.
365bet代理 Synonyms: a.k.a., also known as


Definition: An alias used to protect ones mobile
information or identity.
Synonyms: None

365bet代理MyAKA is a privacy company which was founded in 2012 by longtime payment processing and internet marketing veteran, John Skorick (that's me!). While attending a business conference for the online dating industry, I met a telephony and mobile executive who had developed an anonymous text messaging app to be used within dating websites.

365bet代理I'm a rather private guy so the technology was intriguing to me. In addition, I'd heard a number of stories from friends regarding harassment or other privacy and safety issues they'd experienced while online dating, so I saw a need to be filled. Unfortunately industry executives didn't welcome us with open arms as I'd expected. We've had discussions with many of the major dating brands and my takeaway has been that they are afraid of any perception that online dating may be risky; even though everyone already knows it is.

365bet代理Due to the initial resistance met in online dating, we've expanded our focus to business professionals, the identity theft space and even Craigslist. However, as we've continued on this journey more and more friends share their stories with me, I've had strangers I've sat next to on planes share terrifying encounters and, in a sad turn of events, I am no longer surprised when I meet someone new that has a harrowing tale to tell.

365bet代理To this end, we continue to press the dating industry and work to raise awareness to sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence. We also like to cast a dark cloud over the services which make stalking and the like all that much easier by selling personal information to strangers (i.e. people search sites). And we have no plans to stop.

If you have questions, comments or share our vision, please feel free to drop me a line at john@tjlihua.com.cn.

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