One Phone. Two Numbers

Manage two numbers two sets of contacts with just one phone

The MyAKA system does not require an app or install any software on your phone. Instead, we simply send calls and texts through your current service provider while masking your real number. This makes setup easier and more secure than an app.

  • 1. Signup by entering your email, phone number and choosing a password.
  • 2. We provide a MyAKA number in your local area code and send an activation text to your phone.
  • 3. You respond to our activation text as instructed in the message you receive.
  • 4. Your number is now activated and ready to use.
  • 365bet代理Helpful Hint:

    MyAKA is able to mask your real number by creating a unique phone number for each contact you want to call or text with MyAKA. (Don't worry they don't know this is happening only you know you.re using MyAKA.)

    This number is automatically sent to you in a text message when someone calls or texts you. To call or text someone first, simply text that persons real phone number to your MyAKA number. We'll respond with a unique phone number to save to your contact list to text or call that person. You can also create this number online through the My Account area. You only need to do this once for each new contact. Save this number to your contact list and call and text just as you normally would!

    If you have any questions, you can always reach us at techsupport@tjlihua.com.cn.